Double Carpet on Sunday

Double Carpet on Sunday


    Is the Irish vote going down to the wire?

With just four days until Ireland votes in the only referendum to be held on the EU’s Lisbon Treaty, recent polls give a contradictory picture.

The TNS poll out a few days ago has been the only poll so far to show the No side in the lead, by 35-30, but with a massive 35% of respondents undecided.

However, a Red C poll this weekend has shown the Yes camp back with its nose in front by 42-39, and with undecideds now down to 19%.

New Taioseach Brian Cowen has weighed in to the debate, accusing the No supporters of “sheer inaccuracy and absurdity” – will his outspoken comments help the Yes vote scrape over 50%?

On the markets, after a period when No was ahead, Yes is now a clear favourite at 1.34 on Betfair.

A date for your diaries

The next PB event will be at the National Liberal Club on Thursday 19th June – more details to follow.

Double Carpet

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