Can Hillary muscle her way onto the ticket?

Can Hillary muscle her way onto the ticket?


    Is this why she is staying in the race?

An interesting article by Roger Simon on the excellent Politico site assesses whether Hillary has the strength and the arguments to force her way onto the ticket to occupy the V-P slot.

He writes:”…Her victories in states such as Ohio, Pennsylvania and West Virginia and her strength with women and white working-class voters have fuelled the argument that Barack Obama must put her on the ticket if he wins the nomination and wants those states and those votes in the fall.And, as a senior Obama adviser told me Wednesday, some Clinton supporters are “pushing real, real hard to get her on the ticket.”..But it won’t be easy.”

As well as the demographics her main bargaining point is the issue of the Florida and Michigan delegations. She has the power to take this all the way to the convention in August.

Could it be that this is where Obama might have to compromise? A tough call.

Mike Smithson

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