Could the convention force Hillary onto the ticket?

Could the convention force Hillary onto the ticket?


    Will the “dream ticket” happen whether Obama likes it or not?

An interesting scenario on what could happen at the Democratic Convention in August over the party’s V-P choice is set out in this piece from Huffington Post.

Jason Linkins puts it like this: “You imagine being on the floor in Denver. Hillary’s delegates, NEARLY HALF THE DELEGATES, are demanding she be on the ticket. These are true believers who have stuck with Clinton through thick and thin. To them, putting Hillary on the ticket is a crusade..Most Clinton delegates are women, most Democratic voters are women, and they’re going to just accept some middle aged white governor that Obama is rumored to want? No way. They are in your face. Hillary supporters from back home are jamming your Blackberry. This and more horror scenes flash through your mind in a nano second.”

It sounds possible.

Mike Smithson

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