How much longer will this continue?

How much longer will this continue?

         Will this be over before the Convention in Denver?

If the Superdelegates are reluctant to  finish this race before the final states, Montana and South Dakota, have their say on June 3rd, then it seems likely that Clinton has almost another month in this race. She will almost certainly lose on pledged delegates and is unlikely to win the popular vote either, but is refusing to step aside.

Many have speculated that the Superdelegates are disinclined to side with one party or the other, for fear of angering a potentially very powerful Senator or even the next President of the United States. Many are junior Congressmen, not inclined to raise their heads above the parapet at present, but who may feel more comfortable choosing under the crazed camouflage of Convention shennanigans.

 With Indiana still very close, Clinton clearly feels she is still in this race. With only a couple of hundred delegate-votes between the pair, it seems almost certain that decisions concerning the Michigan and Florida delegations will be decisive in some way or another. The meetings that could end this before the Convention are scheduled for the end of May and mid June. To allow the various DNC Committees to pass judgement on the delegations without prejudicing either candidate, I’m sure Howard Dean and Nancy Pelosi will be encouraging Superdelegates to announce their preferences in the first week of June.

 Barack Obama is within spitting distance of his party’s nomination, but I would expect that he still has at least another month before he can be sure that his name will be on the ballot in November.


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