PB’s traffic hits new records

PB’s traffic hits new records

    Monday saw a massive 115,794 page down-loads

I’ve just got the traffic figures for the site for yesterday when there were 115,794 separate page downloads – only the second time we have broken through the 100k mark. The last time was that Saturday in October when Gordon called off the election.

Also April has already become the site’s busiest ever month even though there is still a day and a bit to go. Total page down-loads are 1,667,234 which exceeds the previous record of 1.54m last October.

A year ago our monthly traffic was about 600,000 page views and it took us until September to get beyond the 750k mark.

Thanks to my son Robert for creating the technical infrastructure that’s enable us to cope with the traffic. Thanks to you all for supporting the site.

No other UK political blog gets traffic like we do.

Mike Smithson

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