So the Hillary campaign still stands

So the Hillary campaign still stands

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    Is it down now to whether she can keep raising the money?

Whether you agree with her or not you have to admire the sheer guts and determination of Hillary to stick in this race. The Pennsylvania demographics and the fact that it was a closed primary meant that the state was always going to be a “must win” for her – but was the margin enough?

Her lead over Obama was decisive but not on the scale required to seriously eat into her opponent’s overall national popular vote count lead.

For the national numbers continue to be against her and it is almost certainly the case that the only way she can get the nomination is if the elders of the party, the so-called super-delegates, decide that she is best at the top of the ticket in spite of the mathematics.

But what a decision that would be. They would be alienating a vast growing army of Obama supporters and cutting themselves off from the ever-successful Barack fundraising machine. And what would it mean for the future of the party if they ignored what had been the pledged delegate count?

My guess is that is now down to Hillary’s fundraising capabilities. Can she attract the support of donors to pay off existing debts and still compete with the the Obama operation? And can she show the party leadership that she has what it takes to produce a well-funded campaign against McCain? Barack, remember, can probably raise $2m a day.

For this reason, if no other, Barack is still a worthy favourite but Hillary is still there – and she ain’t going to give up. In the nomination betting the money has been going on her overnight.

Mike Smithson

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