Could the Murdoch empire start backing Barack?

Could the Murdoch empire start backing Barack?

    What are the implications of Elisabeth Murdoch’s Obama fund-raiser?

A big story which could have a significant impact on the battle for the White House is that Rupert Murdoch’s daughter, Elisabeth is to host a fund-raising event in London for the African-American senator from Illinois.

Ms Murdoch, who is 39 and holds dual citizenship, has attracted close scrutiny as her father’s possible successor and much is being read into the current move – which involves the event which is likely to involve a range of well known personalities. Those attending the VIP reception will have to pay $2,300 a ticket.

Her husband, Matthew Freud, was quoted as saying “I don’t think you can interpret the event as anything other than she is enthusiastic about Obama’s campaign.”

The Murdoch empire covers a large number of media outlets in the US including Fox News and the New York Post which has already endorsed Obama. Fox, however, has been particularly critical and played a big part in stoking up the Pastorgate controversy.

If Obama gets the nomination then any Murdoch backing against John McCain could play a big part.

All this is coming at a critical time as Obama and Hillary continue to slug it out for the nomination.

Latest US election betting is here. Notwithstanding the Murdoch news one new market that might be worth a punt on is the 3/1 that’s available on the battle going all the way to the convention in August.

Mike Smithson

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