Obama takes 2-point lead in Pennsylvania

Obama takes 2-point lead in Pennsylvania

    PPP poll shows him ahead by 45-43, trails 49-38 among white voters

A poll out today for Public Policy Polling in Pennsylvania shows Obama now leading in a state where Clinton has been enjoying comfortable leads. As ever though, the question is how reliable PPP is as a pollster, and whether this is a reliable indicator or should be taken with a pinch of salt.

Obama is currently available at 3.1 to win the Keystone State on 22 April, so if you think this poll is reliable, that represents outstanding value. Certainly it’s a major turnaround from the last PPP two and a half weeks ago which gave Hillary a 26-point lead.

UK polling update: We may well be getting two polls tonight, a London Mayor one from ICM and a UK one from Ipsos-MORI.

Paul Maggs “Double Carpet”

Guest Editor

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