Will Harriet’s body armour be the first PMQ question?

Will Harriet’s body armour be the first PMQ question?


    Week 3 of Ladbrokes PMQ market and the stand-ins get the limelight

If reports are correct then this week’s PMQs at their regular Wednesday noon slot will see Boris leading for the Tories with Harriet Harman answering questions as Gordon’s stand-in. This, of course, could be an April fool but several bloggers are speculating about the line-up.

Gordon will be in Romania for the Nato summit and Brendan Brogan in his Mail blog seems to be confirming that Harriet will be the stand-in.

Whatever there will be PMQs tomorrow and if it is Boris it will give him a chance to get a bit more profile ahead of the big vote on May 1st and clearly he will use the occasion to boost his campaign. What could be more natural than to kick off on the pictures from this morning’s papers of Harriet Harman wearing body armour as she toured part of her south London constituency with local police?

Another possibility is that he could raise Ken’s video gaffe when he claimed that his greatest achievement was in damaging NuLab.

All good fun and congratulations to Ladbrokes for developing what is proving to be an interesting weekly betting market.

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Mike Smithson

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