It’s Seven Daves from ComRes

It’s Seven Daves from ComRes

Daves times 71.JPG

Con 38 (-3) Lab 31 (+1) Lib Dem 17 (n/c)

A poll out tonight by ComRes for the Independent shows a lead of seven points for the Conservatives, down by four since the previous poll. Fieldwork was 28-30 March and the unweighted base was 1004 respondents.

The Tories are down by three on 38 percent, Labour up by one to 31, and the Lib Dems are unchanged on 17 – it remains to be seen what impact Nick Clegg’s interview comments today will have on his party’s popularity.

The reduction in the Conservative lead since the last ComRes poll back into single figures will obviously cheer Labour – latest UK election prices are here.

Paul Maggs “Double Carpet”

Guest Editor

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