Team Obama claim victory in the second battle of Texas

Team Obama claim victory in the second battle of Texas


    The Illinois senator claims a nine delegate caucus lead?

One of the aspects of politics that I find absolutely intriguing is how the contenders and parties deal with the sheer mechanics.

Consider the challenge facing Team Hillary and Team Obama yesterday as they sought to manage the 88,000 people who were elected in the caucuses that followed the Texas primary on March 4th. This weekend they attend dozens of district and county conventions at which 7.298 of were be elected to take part in a three day state convention starting on June 5th. And at that event the final key vote will take place for the 67 delegates who will go on to the national and critical convention in Denver at the end of August.

    Sounds complicated? Yes – but at each of the three stages there’s the potential for the side with the best organisation to squeeze extra places.

Before yesterday the estimate was that the 67 would split 37 Obama to 30 to Clinton. Following the weekend’s ‘s events the Obama campaign claimed it was now 38 to 29 – a triumph for their organisation in what were quite chaotic proceedings.

Hillary had a four delegate lead in the March 4th primary so if the latest claim proves correct then Obama could take a net five delegate gain out of Texas. In fact there is the possibility that they could gain even more from the process at the state convention.

In the nomination betting Obama is now at 0.28/1.

Mike Smithson

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