Labour and Lib Dem boost in Populus poll

Labour and Lib Dem boost in Populus poll

    But Cameron sees an increase in his personal ratings

The Populus survey for the Times has just been published and shows a significant increase for Labour and, as predicted here this morning, a boost for the Lib Dems.

These shares are with changes on a month ago CON 37% (-3): LAB 34% (+3): LD 19%(+2)

The numbers are fairly similar to that which the pollster found at the start of January, immediately after the Christmas break.

The Lib Dems will be relieved that after all their apparent problems last week over the Commons Lisbon treaty vote that they have made significant progress. This, I suggest, has little to do with the issue itself but the greater prominence that the party has had as a result of the treaty discussions in parliament.

The Tories will feel uncomfortable that their lead is now down to just 3% though Cameron can take some comfort from an increase in his personal ratings and that the fact that on this measure he outshines the other two.

So what does it all mean? If you are an opposition party then make sure you are hogging the headlines in the days before the major polls are being carried out.

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