How can McCain deal with the Bush linkage?

How can McCain deal with the Bush linkage?

Just over a fortnight ago I suggested that the picture of John McCain being hugged by George Bush might come to haunt him. Well within two days of him securing the GOP nomination it is already starting.

Above is Democratic party general election ad seeking to get over the close links between Bush and McCain. The closing sequence is that hugging picture.

The linkage with Bush that his opponents are trying to establish will be one of the key determinants in the November campaign.

On the winning party market the Republicans are at 1.78/1 with 1.9/1 on offer on McCain being president.

Sean Fear’s Friday Slot I am away from my computer for the rest of the day seeing my new grandchild. As a result I will not be able to put Sean Fear’s piece up this afternoon.

Mike Smithson

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