Who is writing Hillary off now?

Who is writing Hillary off now?

    The delegate totals might be a problem – but the narrative’s changed

On Monday night it was suggested here that it was “being premature” to write Hillary’s political obituary because the numbers coming from the latest polls suggested that there had been a significant shift away from Obama. Late polling changes like that on the eve of an election are usually significant and so it has been with Super Tuesday 2.

As I write the Texas results are not yet all in but the margins of victory in Ohio and Rhode Island are far bigger than that which was being predicted at the weekend.

Of course she still has a biggish delegate deficit – but what has struck me has been the ruthlessness of her team in raising alleged discrepancies in the overnight Texas caucuses. This, surely, is a marker of what we can expect over the disputed Michigan and Florida delegations and the super-delegates.

    The Clintons are not going to give up lightly the chance of a return to the White House.

At current prices, Betfair has as I write 2.9/1 on Hillary for the nomination, it’s worth getting something on.

Mike Smithson

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