“Super Tuesday 2” – live from Elite

“Super Tuesday 2” – live from Elite


A typically relaxed PtP awaits news from Ohio & Texas

Firstly, very special thanks to Harry for hosting us tonight at Elite – we have now all been in position at our trading desks since about 9pm. The biggest profit so far has been on a greyhound race at Hall Green (thanks to an insider’s tip!) although I’m sure that will change!

We are all tuned to CNN and Fox watching events unfold and this has been an excellent “dry-run” for US Election Night in November.

The “bunker” is calling Texas for Obama and Ohio for Hillary – Rhode Island still too close.

How will the Democrat race look after tonight (how much longer will it go on for?) and will McCain “go over the top” for the GOP nomination?

Paul Maggs “Double Carpet”

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