Will being out-fundraised be what sinks Hillary?

Will being out-fundraised be what sinks Hillary?


    Would a $60m February Obama total trump any victories today?

One thing that we have not heard from the Obama campaign yet is how much money was raised in February and there’s speculation that this is being put on hold just in case Hillary is seen to have re-gained the momentum in today’s primaries.

Her campaign has announced that she raised $35m during the month – a move that just brought a statement from Camp Obama that they had exceeded the total without saying how much.

One US blogger who is watching this closely is Hugh Hewitt, and from what he has managed to discern is suggesting that the Obama total could exceed $60m – a sum which would be unprecedented in US political history

If Hillary does well overnight then such a massive sum would partially trump it. If Hillary comes in below expectation then a fundraising announcement from Obama could well be the last straw.

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  • A reminder about tonight’s session political betting “trading floor For details check Peter Smith’s posting here.
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