Should Hillary’s political obituaries be put on hold?

Should Hillary’s political obituaries be put on hold?

    Could Texas and Ohio dramatically change the narrative?

hillary-ohio.JPGAfter an extraordinary and intensive onslaught on Barack Obama on a wide range of fronts there’s just an indication tonight that those who’ve been preparing Hillary’s political obituaries might have to put their drafts on hold.

For when a range of polls move in the same direction in the final hours before an election then it’s normally an indication that something might be happening. And that’s been the news today on the eve of the key primaries in Texas and Ohio.

As the new site, Taegan Goddard’s Political Insider reports “…Several new polls out today give the Clinton campaign some reason for hope. In Ohio, three new polls give Clinton the lead — SurveyUSA, Public Policy Polling and Quinnipiac — of which two actually show Obama stalling. In Texas, two polls shows a statistical tie — Zogby and SurveyUSA — while a third, Public Policy Polling, gives Clinton the lead. Polls haven’t seemed very reliable during this primary season, but today’s numbers may change the narrative as we await Tuesday’s results.”

For as Barack Obama has appeared to be closer to the nomination the scrutiny has got more intense and there might be a hint in the latest numbers that his remarkable momentum might just be being stalled.

This is the round-up of the days polls from Real Clear Politics and there is enough there to cause some doubts within the Obama camp.

In the nomination betting there’s been a slight move back to Hillary.

We could be in for an exciting night.

Mike Smithson

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