Ken falls 5% behind Boris in new London poll

Ken falls 5% behind Boris in new London poll

    Is the Mayor being hit by all bad publicity?

A new YouGov poll for London ITV News has Ken fallen 5% behind Boris in the race for the London Mayoralty. These ae the shares compared with the last proper survey from the firm in December – JOHNSON 44%(nc): LIVINGSTONE 39%(-5): PADDICK 12%(+5)

The YouGov boss, Peter Kellner has confirmed to me that the survey took place from Tuesday to Thursday of last week and involved a sample of 1,003. In a TV interview this evening Kellner said that he thought that “Ken was in Trouble”.

In response Livingstone has said that Labour’s private polling is showing that he is still ahead – by 2% of those certain to vote. This is from a survey from Ipsos-MORI. When I see the detail I will give it prominence.

I contacted the pollster this evening for the information and was told that information about the survey would be made available within the time-frame laid down – which is two days.

What are critical are the dates of the fieldwork for the Ipsos-MORI survey. Did this take place at the same time or is it a bit old or newer?

In the mayoral betting you can still get 6/4 on Boris which seems like a bargain.

Mike Smithson

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