Are Ken’s backer’s plagiarising Obama?

Are Ken’s backer’s plagiarising Obama?


    But does talk of “change” work when you are bidding for a third term?

With the fight the Democratic nomination hardly being off our screens during 2008 it is perhaps not surprising that Obama’s rhetoric, the phrases he uses, the way he constructs sentences and most of all the words themselves should start to have an influence in UK politics.

Just take the following high-blown quote from a statement that a group of Labour supporting academics, writers and artists, have sent to the Guardian today. The signatories include Lord Puttnam, the singer and songwriter Billy Bragg and the actor Tony Robinson.

“…This election matters to the nation, not just the capital. Livingstone represents a hope that something better is possible; that a different type of society is not just some pipe dream of the left, but can be created.”

That, surely, is pure Obama. Perhaps the writer had the TV on while the statement was being drafted?

But does talk of change and hope work in the London Mayoral context when the Labour flag carrier has been in the post for eight years and is having to fight off successive media stories about his handling of the position? I don’t think so – the phrases are good but they don’t resonate when they are in support of an incumbent.

In the London mayoral race betting Ken is the 0.68/1 favourite with Boris at 1.6/1. In the White House race betting Obama is the 0.9/1 favourite to become the next President.

Mike Smithson

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