Who’ll win the Wisconsin ad war?

Who’ll win the Wisconsin ad war?

    Will going negative turn it round for Hillary?

One of the great joys of the internet, YouTube and fast video streaming is that we can keep up to date with rapidly moving contests like the current ad war between Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama in Wisconsin.

In the latest stage of the fight for the Democratic nomination the Hillary camp has gone negative – the latest TV ad featured above. This is a big gamble. There’s a massive danger that this approach could turn many voters off. Even worse it could make the supporters of your opponent even more determined to vote.

The is how the Obama camp has retaliated as both sides spend big money buying expensive air-time.After eight consecutive defeats Clinton badly needs to impede the Obama bandwagon on Tuesday. Even cutting the margin down to a few points could be hailed as a great victory.

In the Democratic nomination betting the Obama price has eased to 0.44/1. Thanks to my 50/1 and 33/1 bets on Obama for the White House placed in 2005 and 2006 I have been able to take other positions so I do very well now whatever happens. I’m not totally convinced that Hillary is out of it yet.

Mike Smithson

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