YouGov reports nine point Tory lead

YouGov reports nine point Tory lead

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A new YouGov Poll for the Sunday Times tomorrow, according to the Press Association has some good news for the Tories.

“…Questioned on their voting intentions, some 41% of those taking part said they would back the Tories (down two points on a similar poll last month), 32% Labour (down one) and 16% the Liberal Democrats (up two). The overall Conservative lead was down marginally from 10 points to nine compared to the last comparable poll.”

The changes reported by PA are based on the last survey for the paper. there was, however, a later poll, two weeks ago, and this is how the comparisons look – CON 41%(nc), LAB 32%(-1), LD 16%(nc). So an increase of one point in the Tory margin but no real change.

This means that the only two polls to have been published in February have both shown 9% Tory leads. The earlier one was from Populus two weeks ago.

Mike Smithson

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