Obama now plays the “inevitability” card?

Obama now plays the “inevitability” card?

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    “It’s impossible for Clinton to win enough pledged delegates

After more than a year of watching Hillary positioning her “inevitable victory” as a key part of her effort to secure the Democratic Party nomination there has been a dramatic new claim from Team Obama.

They are now saying that following Tuesday’s round of primaries it is now nigh on impossible for Clinton to come top in terms of pledged delegates where, they say, Barack enjoys a 136 person margin

The Illinois Senator’s campaign manager David Plouffe told a press conference that: “We believe it’s next to impossible for Senator Clinton to close that pledged delegate count. The only way she could do it is winning most of the rest of the contests by 25 to 30 points, and we see not a single contest on the calendar left where we would expect her to win by those margins

Clearly this is all part of a new strategy to position Obama’s victory as inevitable. The aim being, of course, to persuade the so-called “super-delegates” to back the will of voters as expressed through the series of primaries and caucuses. Also portraying Hillary as a loser could help in the remaining primary contests and impede her attempts to fundraise for her campaign – who wants to give money to a loser?

The Clinton camp is disputing the maths (or math as Americans calls it) and are saying that the final decision is made by the super-delegates as well as the pledged ones. There’s also the little matter of the Michigan and Florida delegates which according to the party will not be able to take part. Whatever the race has now reached a new phase and one that looks very challenging for the ex-President’s spouse.

In the UK betting Obama is now at 0.37/1 with Clinton on 2.65/1. thus a successful £100 bet on Obama would produce a profit of just £37.

Mike Smithson

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