Now Hillary’s Wal-Mart past get’s dragged up

Now Hillary’s Wal-Mart past get’s dragged up

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    Could this undermine union support?

With just five days to go to Super Tuesday some video tapes of Hillary in her role as a director of Wal-Mart in the late 80s and early 90s have “emerged” and are being given prominent coverage by ABC News.

Funny that the tapes being discovered now – anybody would think someone was planning a hatchet job.

Hillary’s problem is that the company has built up a reputation for being fiercely anti-union going to great lengths to break any signs of activity. The essence of the story today is that Democratic front-runner stayed silent while these developments were happening.

So far in the campaign Hillary has had considerable support from a large number of unions. Mailshots have gone out, members have been urged to back her and advertising campaigns have been funded. In one of the recent debates Barack Obama used her Wal-Mart connection to attack her.

With a battle of such ferocity reaching a critical stage then it’s almost inevitable that things get dragged up. The important thing is how Hillary and Bill react.

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Mike Smithson

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