South Carolina continuation thread….

South Carolina continuation thread….

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    Will Bill and Hillary be happy after Obama’s big win?

Please continue the discussion here. Latest betting on the Democratic nomination is here.

What is interesting tonight is the sheer scale of Obama’s victory which totally dwarfs what the polls were suggesting.

UPDATE – 0300: With a likely margin of 27-28% the polls were further out here than they were in New Hampshire. It’s very easy to get carried away by the moment and certainly there has been a big move against Hillary on the betting markets.

    One significant item to come out overnight has been the endorsement of Obama by JFK’s daughter, Caroline. Her comment “Finally I can vote for a candidate like my father” will play very well.

The Spectator Coffee House blog has remarked on the booing at the Obama victory event when pictures of Bill Clinton appeared on the TV monitors – “A Democrat crowd booing Bill Clinton—it is nothing short of incredible.”

I think that what is being described as Clinton “Alpha male” approach might have bombed and could cause trouble for Hillary’s campaign way beyond South Carolina. It all looks too personal for him and he should have kept much more aloof.

Overall my heart says Obama but my head still says Hillary. But let’s see how the main US media plays this one as we move to “Super Tuesday” on February 5th.

Mike Smithson

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