Are the Clintons getting rattled?

Are the Clintons getting rattled?

    How will Bill’s response help Hillary?

This TV extract which has been near the top of the bulletins on ABC News gives a good indication of how the Clintons are seeing the battle with Obama as they move into their next big test – Saturday’s Nevada caucuses.

The row follows a legal move to change the arrangements for Las Vegas casino workers following an agreement last year that they should be able to partake in the process at their places of work. Everything was fine until their union came out for Obama and this sparked off the legal challenge.

The original arrangements have now been upheld by a federal judge and this is being presented as a victory for the young senator from Illinois.

One of my big question marks over Hillary’s campaign is how their aggression and their tactics will go down with voters. This simply does not look good and the way ABC reported the clash with the former President just underlines this. The best thing, surely, is just to ignore these apparent set-backs.

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Mike Smithson

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