Populus poll gives boost for Clegg

Populus poll gives boost for Clegg


“Four Daves” – Con 37 (-3), Lab 33 (+1), Lib Dem 19 (+3)

  • Clegg gives Lib Dems a three-point boost
  • Cameron leads 44-40 on best PM
  • Brown only six points ahead on “strong leader”
  • UK politics has been overshadowed by the dramatic events across the Atlantic, but tonight’s Populus poll in the Times shows the state of the parties as Parliament returns from the Christmas break.

    Nick Clegg, who’ll face his first PMQs on Wednesday, gets a three-point boost for the Lib Dems, while the Conservatives have a four-point lead over Labour, and Brown is now behind Cameron on who has the qualities needed to make a good Prime Minister by four points.

    Mike is on a visit to Devon but is having trouble with phone/internet reception.

    The 2008 Political Forecaster competition is still open – entries close at 6pm tomorrow.

    Paul Maggs “Double Carpet”

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