…and for Boxing Day the PBC Crossword

…and for Boxing Day the PBC Crossword

    Keeping you entertained throughout the holiday

Thanks to Rod Crosby for all he did yesterday providing the constant stream of political trivia questions which kept us amused on Christmas Day. This worked brilliantly – there were 275 comments which compares with the paltry 16 contributions that the site got on Xmas Day 2006.

For Boxing Day we have StJohn’s PB Cross-word. I have no idea how hard this is going to and I think that keen cross-word experts are going to have to print the page off – but it does look very interesting.



1. Mystery poster conceals most of thong from minister (4,5).
6. Lady was a strange sort (5).
9. Allowance given to President (5).
10. Speaker portrayed as a hot and broody mixture (9).
11. Politician let Comrade Blair run amok (7,8).
13. 3/1 Balls is reprimanded (8).
14. Smear on oil wrecked nation (6).
16. Country in drug and alcohol issue (6).
18. NuLabour activists? (3,5).
21. America need forty; one less could result in a defeated force (11,4).
23. He protected club teams (9).
25. Stupid book on despot (5).
26. Party loses nothing down under (5).
27. Appears again to join in stuffing former Home Secretary (9).


1. Yokel! Toby’s with a gangster (5).
2. State room first in ceremonial office (11).
3. This puzzle was liberated (3,4).
4. Film director covered The Man in the White Suit and was opposed to the establishment (8).
5. Garment worn to court by Hutton (6).
6. Former Royal Marine and show off (7).
7. In addition to nothing (3).
8. Bush territories make for extremist conditions (3,6).
12. Relating once more to a drawback for Campbell (11).
13. Confused lurch off to the left by Cold War leader (9).
15. Highly spoken of ruler and religious leader. (8).
17. Theatre assistant (7).
19. 21 sheltered here (3,4).
20. First editorial (6).
22. Reportedly poetic justice seeker (5).
24. Second rate movie awarded Golden Globe (3).

Thanks StJohn for doing such a great job for our amusement. If you want to talk to him directly StJohn has indicated that he will be at this year’s PBC party. This will once again be held at that excellent venue, The National Liberal Club, Whitehall Place, London SW1A 2HE, on Friday 25th January 2008, from 6pm until about 9.30pm, or when thrown out if sooner.

There will be a cash bar and a £5 entry charge, payable on the door, as a contribution towards sandwiches and nibbles. Ladbrokes have generously donated £150 towards the event, thanks to the influence of regular poster Matthew Shaddick (Shadsy) of The Magic Sign.

Happy Boxing Day to everybody. Normal service from Thursday.

Mike Smithson

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