It’s Eight Daves from Populus

It’s Eight Daves from Populus

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    Times poll has Con 40 (+4), Lab 32 (-5), LD 16 (0)

A Populus poll in the Times today confirms that the Conservatives are still holding a significant lead over Labour, with an 8-point advantage. Fieldwork for the poll was carried out over the weekend.

The poll also shows that the big two parties are now level pegging on the economy, with Labour a single point ahead, while the Conservatives also have a 4-point lead on the taxes/public spending issue. A small silver lining may be that 47 per cent prefer a Labour government, although it should be noted that 63 per cent of the public are dissatisfed with Labour.

Update on Mike

Just to let you all know that I spoke to Mike last night – he was in good spirits, is on the mend and hopes to be out of hospital and back at the helm of pb in the next couple of days or so.


… and the next President is… the 42-year old Dmitry Medvedev yesterday received Putin’s backing – there’s a profile here from Bloomberg. It goes without saying that Medvedev should now be backed at virtually any price, if there are any betting markets still open for the presidential election due on 2nd March.

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