…and this week’s resignation is…..

…and this week’s resignation is…..

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    Will this have a political impact or not?

The big news this lunchtime is that the country’s top anti-terror cop, Andy Hayman has resigned, blaming the pressures of the job and “a series of leaks and unfounded accusations”. This follows criticism of him in the Stockwell tube shooting inquiry as well as a series of leaks about his private life.

In itself this should not damage the government or the Prime Minister. But one resignation after another, set against a background of calls for resignations do up the temperature and create a sense of confusion and chaos.

    In just over a fortnight we have seen the highly publicised “falling on their swords” of the boss of the Inland Revenue and Customs, the general secretary of the Labour party and now one the country’s most senior and high profile policemen.

All this while Labour’s party leader in Scotland and the the Chancellor are coming under increasing pressure to do the same. There is no linkage yet the juxtaposition of the stories does look bad.

Meanwhile William Hill is offering 5/1 that Wendy Alexander will resign before the end of the year. That looks a good price.

Mike Smithson

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