Becoming a full-time blogger

Becoming a full-time blogger

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    Changes planned for the New Year

After trying to run the site and cope with demanding jobs for nearly four years I am leaving my post at the Open University at Christmas so I can focus much more on Politicalbetting.

This is a big change for me but it has become inevitable because trying to do both has become almost impossible. This has been accentuated by the intensity of the Brown-Cameron battle, the Lib Dem leadership changes, all the facets of the 2008 White House race as well as Boris Johnson’s bid to oust Ken Livingston in London.

There’s a lot of work on the site that I need to be doing and things like the “recorded wagers” pages need regular updating.

I am also having to pass up many opportunities to promote PBC in the media because I don’t have the time.

Although the site is now covering its costs there’s a lot more that needs to be done to boost the revenue to make it more sustainable in the long term. This is going to be necessary because the step I am taking involves, alas, giving up my salary.

Mike Smithson

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