Is this smart spin – or just dumb?

Is this smart spin – or just dumb?

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    Why does Gord allow this sort of thing?

On Queen’s Speech day and coinciding with good polling news for Labour the Times is carrying the above story on how Number 10 managed to “con” journalists up and down the country that a local school would be featured in the Prime minister’s big education speech last week.

They all ran the story but then when the speech was made there was no mention of any schools by name.

If I was journalist on one of those papers I would be spitting blood about this deception and it’s interesting how other parts of the media are picking it up.

    All this has done is made the media even more sceptical about anything Number 10 says and put reporters on alert for future attempts to manipulate them.

The stupid thing is that it was always going to be found out. Dumb..dumb..dumb.

Mike Smithson

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