So is Al going to run?

So is Al going to run?


Is it too late to enter the race for the Democratic nomination?

Al Gore winning the Nobel Peace Prize has naturally led to speculation that he might seek to have one last roll of the dice and enter the 2008 Presidential race.

The current odds for the Democratic nomination on Betfair have him available at 7.6 (13/2 in traditional odds), with Hillary a short-priced 1.46 and Obama at 8.8. It says something for Gore that his odds are shorter than Obama who has been a top-tier candidate for months and has raised large sums of money.

But is it a realistic proposition that Gore might enter the race less than three months before Iowa and New Hampshire – and against such a formidably well-organised and well-funded frontrunner as Hillary? Would he have any chance of winning the nomination whatsoever, or would it just end up being an embarrassing flop?

My gut feeling is that Gore won’t decide to run – what do the US experts on pb think? Is there betting value in backing Obama now and laying at a lower price when Gore doesn’t join the race? An article in the FT argues that the Nobel win gives Gore kingmaker status, while the excellent Real Clear Politics site, a must if you are following the US race, can be found here.

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