Just revealed: Mori had Labour 13% ahead last week

Just revealed: Mori had Labour 13% ahead last week

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    Unpublished survey shows scale of Labour’s lead

An Ipsos-Mori poll where the fieldwork finished last Wednesday and so took in a large part of reaction to the Labour conference and Brown’s speech has just been published on the firm’s website. It shows a margin for Labour of 13%.

It is important to stress that this survey pre-dated the Mori poll that appeared in the Observer on Sunday that had Labour 7% ahead.

What this newly published survey does show is the impact that a party conference and a leader’s speech can have.

For the fact was that in only a two days the 13% became 7% and in a further question on the second survey Labour’s margin was down to 5% when people were asked how they would vote in an election in a few weeks.

All this reinforces the argument I was making in the previous thread about using current polling to make such a momentous decision.

Mike Smithson

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