Hoaxers will be banned from PBC

Hoaxers will be banned from PBC

    Was last night’s YouGov poll claim a spoof?

red lightb.JPGAccording to a contributor on the site last night there should have been a YouGov poll out this morning showing a 9% Labour lead.

The poster, cj, has only been making contributions here since August 30th and from his contributions overnight overnight it appeared that he might be trying to deceive.

At 10.30 pm he wrote “im hearing that yougov is VERY bad for the tories tomorrow…i should have intention figures by half 11”

By 1.15am, after earlier giving some detailed figures he wrote “these are not final, my source described it as a ‘running tally’, but don’t expect too much to change, apparently it is 9/10 finished”. The “running tally” phrase did not ring true to me

    This is a gambling site and many who come here look for information that will help them make their decisions. Certainly there was a move to Labour on the Spreadfair commons seat market overnight.

So until the figures that this poster published here are confirmed he/she is banned from contributing to the site.

Mike Smithson

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