Congratulations Sean, Nick, Mark and Andrea

Congratulations Sean, Nick, Mark and Andrea

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    And now the final round of voting – for the Overall PBC Poster of the Year

As it turned out the voting in three of the four categories was pretty clear-cut. Sean Fear, who starting posting on PBC in the summer of 2004, has built up a loyal following from people of all allegiances and his overwhelming victory in the Tory section was probably quite predictable. Well done also to David Herdson who came second and joins Sean in the final.

Another very long-standing poster who first came here in 2004, Nick Palmer MP, had an overwhelming victory in the Labour section – a tribute to the contributions he has made over the years and the manner in which he enters into debate. There’s been a closer contest for second place with HenryG, who has provided good betting information on Labour, just pipping another long-standing poster, Roger, into the second place slot.

The Lib Dem race has been the most exciting with Mark Senior securing the victory but not by that big a margin over Stodge. Both go into the final round.

And in the specialist section it had to be Andrea from Milan who has an extraordinary knowledge of British politics and can answer almost anything that’s flung at him in seconds. In second place was a relative newcomer, Peter the Punter, whose good solid advice on betting matters and the generally civility he displays have made him a key member of the PBC community. I very much value the way Peter calms things down when discussions get out of hand.

So now the final. I go on my holidays tomorrow morning and voting will continue for at least twenty four hours (1830 BST Friday) until I can get to a computer with internet access. That could be Saturday. Joining the race this evening are JackW and SeanT. Best of luck to everybody.

Mike Smithson

Who is your choice for the overall winner of the PBC poster of the year?
David Herdson
Mark Senior
Nick Palmer MP
Peter the Punter
Sean Fear

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