What’s been your favourite PBC post?

What’s been your favourite PBC post?

PBC Facebook.JPG

    Introducing the special area on Facebook for PBC users

Last night a PBC regular contacted me to ask if I’d seen what was on the Facebook website about Politicalbetting. I said I hadn’t but when I checked out the social networking site I was amazed to discover that somebody had established what’s called “The Politicalbetting.com Appreciation Society“.

Apparently it’s been going for a few weeks and a couple of dozen people have signed up. What’s really interesting is that the Facebook format involves pictures being uploaded and you can see how some regular posters look in real life.

But what’s really had me chuckling is the above extract on members’ favourite PBC posts. The one discovered by from Steven Ronald is an absolutely wonderful exchange and Sean Fear’s deadpan response is superb.

Whoever it was who set this up I can only say thank you. Let’s hope the venture is a success.

Mike Smithson

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