Could Cameron’s primary plan be used to stop Boris?

Could Cameron’s primary plan be used to stop Boris?


    Will Labour supporters mess up the Tory election?

In what could appear an ill-thought out move during the brash days of Cameron’s leadership the Tories decided that their choice for London mayor should be decided by an open primary in which any London voter could take part.

But what sounded like a PR stunt could now be used against the party by its opponents to stop Boris getting on the ballot.

For there are reports that Labour supporters are attempting to block the bid by mobilising an anti-Boris move in this election. If they are successful then Cameron’s personal choice for London would be blocked.

Already websites are being set up with that objective.

The Tories are saying that safeguards are in place to prevent the primary being undermined in this way. Quite how they will do this is not clear.

Johnson is one of four candidates hoping to win the Tory nomination.

London Mayoral betting prices are here.

Mike Smithson

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