PBC breaks the 750,000 mark for the second time

PBC breaks the 750,000 mark for the second time

    The by elections help us to another record breaking month

hits for July.JPGJuly was another record breaking month on Politicalbetting. We had a total of 759,452 hits which was only the second time we have been above the three-quarters of a million mark. The last month when this happened was in May when the total finished up at more than 772,000.

Looking at the daily data, parts of which are recorded here, we got a huge boost on the day of and in the immediate aftermath of the Ealing Southall and Sedgefield by elections.

What is extraordinary is how the site has an enthusiastic 24/7 user base. Even in the very small hours of the night between 4am and 6am we averaged more than 100 hits an hour throughout the month.

Our busiest hourly segment is between noon and 1pm when we get an average of almost 2,000 hits.

Even in the hour after midnight the average amount of traffic is about 750.

This is a great site to operate and what makes it stand out is the way hundreds of the audience post comments on a regular basis.

Thanks to everybody for their support. Your enthusiasm keeps me motivated.

Mike Smithson

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