Will this damage the Conservative chances in Southall?

Will this damage the Conservative chances in Southall?


What will be the impact of Lit attending a Labour fundraiser?

There are two major UK politics stories today – the first being news of Southall Conservative candidate Tony Lit’s appearance at a recent Labour fundraising dinner – more details here. With the by-election only four days away, it remains to be seen what chance the Conservatives still have to win.

The second is the publication of an ICM poll in the Sunday Telegraph giving Labour 40, the Conservatives 33 and the Lib Dems 19. This is Labour’s biggest lead since September 2005 and would give them a majority of 114. Will this increase calls for an autumn election? These are very rare in modern British politics; the only one in the last 40 years, October 1974, saw Labour scrape home with a 3-seat majority.

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