Could Brown be tempted by an early election?

Could Brown be tempted by an early election?


    Is this the time to pounce?

With Cameron continuing to have polling difficulties and the Lib Dems still shedding support could Brown be considering an immediate general election?

The standard view is that he’s a notoriously cautious man and that after his long wait he’s not going to risk it by a precipitous election decision. But will there be a better time than now when he has all attraction of novelty going for him?

    He would have his own mandate and what better way is there to shed the memory of the Blair years

The mood within Labour is amazingly upbeat at the moment and the fact that the transition has gone so well must increase his confidence. What better moment to deal with the Cameron threat than by consigning the party to another half decade in opposition?

My view is that he would be making a terrible mistake. Cameron will come over very well during the campaign – especially to those voters whose only exposure to politics are the fleeting glances on the TV bulletins.

For in an election the Tories get equal time and the more their leader is seen the better they poll.

The current betting price against a 2007 election is 7/1

Mike Smithson

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