Sean Fear’s Friday slot WITHOUT Sean

Sean Fear’s Friday slot WITHOUT Sean

    Boost for Palmer as Labour get 0.4% swing in Broxtowe

nick p.JPGIt’s not going to be possible for Sean’s normal Friday slot to go up today but we could not let the day go by without recording formally the results from last night’s council by elections including a swing to Labour in Broxtowe – where PB’s Nick Palmer is the MP.

These were by election results:-
Broxtowe Borough – Beeston Central (two seats): Lab 728, 677, C 498, 481, Lib Dem 160, 142, Green 75, 59, Ukip 56, 47. (May 2003 – two seats: Lab 532, 510, C 359, 332, Green 272, Lib Dem 183, 179, Green 175). Labour holds two seats. Swing 0.4% C to Lab.

Maldon District – Burnham-on-Crouch North (two seats): Ind 435, C 407, Lab 305, C 237, BNP 178, Lib Dem 110. (May 2003 – two seats: Ind 493 C 407, 359, Lab 273, 190). Ind hold one seat, C hold one seat. Swing 6.2% C to Lab.

North Somerset Council – North Worle (three seats): C 946, 920, 904, Lib Dem 513, 498, 494, Lab 268, 234, 218, Ind 157, Ukip 154. (May 2003 – three seats: Lib Dem 1,356, 1,236, 1,143, C 627, 610, Lab 268, 248, 243). C gain three seats from Lib Dem. Swing 25.4% Lib Dem to C.

West Sussex County – Petworth: C 1,437, Lib Dem 346, BNP 213. (May 2005 – C 3,524, Lib Dem 1,968, Lab 651, Ukip 354). C hold. Swing 15.4% Lib Dem to C.

Other site news:- I’m going to be on holiday in France for the second week of the Gordon Brown premiership and Paul Maggs, who handles our competitions, will be standing in as guest editor. If people have ideas for guess slots then please get in touch. I’m looking for articles that are not too long and within the ethos of the site.

Site traffic. In May Politicalbetting achieved a record number of hits. There was a total of 772,958 page downloads – a figure that was boosted by extraordinary traffic levels on May 3rd and May 4th when the number was 136,000. I think our total is higher than Guido and Iain Dale although they get more visitors.

Thanks to everybody for their support and for continuing to keep this a place where people of all allegiances can discuss political betting and political outcomes in a civilised manner.

Mike Smithson

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