Could your “winning” deputy bet be a loser?

Could your “winning” deputy bet be a loser?

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    Is your wager on deputy PM – not deputy leader?

A couple of people have emailed to point out that the earlier version of William Hill’s deputy market was not on who would be deputy leader, but who would become deputy prime minister.

At the time, nearly a year ago, the two roles were seen as being almost synonymous and they had not really checked the details. But things could change dramatically following the strong reports today that Brown is planning to make Jack Straw his deputy PM.

So many of us, including me, who bet in this market nearly a year ago could find ourselves unstuck if our choice wins the deputy election but does not get appointed by Brown as Deputy PM.

I’ve written to Graham Sharpe at William Hill asking for clarification and suggesting that if we punters got it wrong then as a goodwill gesture then deputy PM bets should be treated as deputy leadership bets as well.

This might mean that Hills would have to pay out on both Straw and the winner of the current election.

The news has led to a rapid easing of Straw’s “next Chancellor” price.

Mike Smithson

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