Is Gord making ground on the Bullingdon mob?

Is Gord making ground on the Bullingdon mob?

    Big boost for Lib Dems in latest ICM poll

The ICM April survey for the Guardian tomorrow is just out and the headline figures show a reduction in the Tory lead and a three point increase in the Lib Dem share. The totals with changes on last month are: CON 37%(-4): LAB 30% (-1): LD 21% (+3). Of the minor parties both UKIP and the Greens are on 2%.

There was also a drop in the Tory lead when voters were asked the “named leader” question – “who would you vote for if it was Cameron’s Tories against Brown’s Labour and Ming’s LDs?”. These are the shares compared with last month – CON 40% (-3): LAB 28% (nc) : LD 20% (+2).

The survey took place at the weekend after a bad week for the Tories when there was a series of poor Commons performances and the Greg Dyke issue.

The big winners in the polls are the Lib Dems who have seen a big increase in their vote share in the two surveys that have come out today. CR had good numbers for Ming’s party this morning.

UPDATE: Other points from the poll:-

  • 78% of those asked including most Labour supporters want a contest when Tony steps down.
  • Brown leads 40% to 39% as the man voters think “would be most likely to take the right decisions when the going got tough.” In September Cameron trailed by 7%.
  • By 43%-37% those in the survey thought “Cameron had the most potential as PM”.
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