Brown replaces Blair as Britain’s most unpopular politican

Brown replaces Blair as Britain’s most unpopular politican

    Peter Smith reports that Blair Backers are Beaming …again

Whether or not it was his performance on Comic Relief, there is no doubt that those who followed our advice to back Blair last week were smiling all the way to the bank.

The great showman continued his climb in YouGov’s Popularity poll, reaching his highest score of the year and moving ahead of his Downing Street neighbour…which gives rise to some interesting if somewhat mischievous speculation.

    What if Our Tone continues to wow the crowds, whilst The Dour One descends further into the darkness of public disapproval? Could it just possibly happen that St Anthony will feel suddenly obliged to save his beloved Party and The Nation by abandoning his plans for a long and lucrative lecture tour and remaining in Office instead?

Admittedly he would be reneging on a promise, but what would that matter if, by so doing, he saved us all from The Bogeyman? So far, all attempts to find an Anybody But Gordon candidate have failed for the want of a plausible Anybody. Maybe we were overlooking the obvious. Maybe, just maybe…..

This morning you could back Tony Blair to still be Prime Minister beyond October 2007 at 40/1 with William Hill. You might like to check that out when the market reopens.

Here are our results in full for the the week ended 23rd March 2007

Tony Blair Buy 2 points at 62.0 Score: 65.9 Profit:7.8
Gordon Brown Buy 1 point at 67.3: Score 65.5: Loss (1.8)
William Hague Buy 1 point at 96.2: Score 99.0: Profit 2.8
David Cameron Sell 1 point at 90.8: Score 89.7: Profit 1.1
Profit for week 9.9
Profits from earlier weeks 20.5
Total profit to date 30.4

Those sticking scrupulously to our suggestions at a £10 per point stake would therefore be £304 up over the two months since we started. We appreciate that you may not always be able to get on at the prices stated, which are right at the time of going to press but which can move quickly. On the other hand, you may have done even better.

If, for example, you followed the strong advice given during the week by Aaron and Mike to close out the Brown position when he was showing a 1.9 plus, just after the Budget, your net profit for the week would have been 13.6 – that’s £136 to recommended stakes. Not bad for one week.

If you have not already joined the IG gravy train and intend to open an account with them, please mention the site. They pay a small commission which helps with site expenses. Although they do on the whole prefer unsuccessful punters, there is no indication that they intend to ban PBers – yet.

Our tips for next week’s contest will be published on Monday. Have a great week.

Peter Smith (Peter the Punter)

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