PBC Party: Change the Date! (And the location)

PBC Party: Change the Date! (And the location)

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  • Political Betting Book Launch Party
  • Tuesday 17th April – 3pm to 7pm
  • National Liberal Club, Whitehall Place SW1
  • OK, we stuffed up. Apparently the House of Commons won’t allow commercial ventures in
    its hallowed halls – and so launching a book on gambling is right out! So we have decamped to the National Liberal Club. Liberals, it seems, are a lot less fussy.

    We’ve had to put the date back a day, so please revisit your diaries. I will email separately all those who had already booked a place.

    The time is changed slightly but the extension should help. Since the NLC is huge, there will be no limit on numbers but again it will be extremely helpful if those planning to come email me at the earliest possible moment.

    The publishers, Harriman House, are still sharing the event with us and we need to give them names and numbers. The charge is now reduced to £10, which will include drinks and nibbles. Any balance left over will go behind the bar at whichever pub we decamp to after the event, probably St Stephens Tavern, but we can decide nearer the time.

    Please send cheques direct to me at my home address which will be on the email I return to you by way of acknowledging your booking.

    Apologies to everybody who may have been inconvenienced by the unexpected change. It’s been a nuisance but just as well we checked the regulations in time. Apart from the more obvious inconveniences, Guido would never have stopped laughing.

    See you all there, I hope.

    Peter Smith

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