A plug for my brother’s new movie

A plug for my brother’s new movie


    It’s not about politics but about lies, deceit and facing up to the truth

In 2004 my brother, John Smithson, won a BAFTA award for the climbing drama, Touching the Void, which continues to attract interest. This weekend his new movie, Deep Water, is released at selected cinemas throughout the UK.

It’s a true story that has many parallels with one or two leading figures in contemporary politics. For in 1966 the yachtsman, Donald Crowhurst, sought to deal with his mounting debts and personal problems by entering the round the world yacht race. For months his bid caught the imagination of the British public, as reports came back that he was making the fastest time.

Alas it was all based on a massive deception and he had never left the Atlantic. The movie tells vividly the story of the drama as he tried to face up to the mega lies he had allowed to be told.

I think it’s great – but then I would.

Mike Smithson

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