How will punters react to Blair being interviewed?

How will punters react to Blair being interviewed?

    Could we see a tightening of the early exit prices?

It must be a near certainty that in the next few days or weeks Tony Blair will be interviewed by the Scotland Yard team carrying out the honours probe.

When is this event going to take place? We don’t know but it cannot be far off. And when it does happen will the Prime Minister be asked questions “under caution”? Again we don’t know but there can be little doubt that the questioning of Tony will be a mammoth political event.

    Coverage on the 24/7 news channels will be wall to wall and there’ll be huge speculation. Just remember the scale of coverage when Lord Levy was arrested.

The question for punters is how will the markets react? My guess is that there will be a rush to bet on the early exit dates as pundits start suggesting that he will not be able to stay in post very long. I would expect, as well, the Gordon Brown price in the Labour leadership betting to tighten as well.

Mike Smithson

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