18 Doughty Street – What’s Your Verdict?

18 Doughty Street – What’s Your Verdict?

    What do we think of the internet politics TV channel?

18 doughty st.jpgTonight saw the launch of the new internet politics TV channel which has been funded by YouGov founder, Stefan Shakespeare and is being fronted by top-bloggers Iain Dale and Tim Montgomerie of ConservativeHome.

The plan is to broadcast for four hours each evening and the channel has recruited a number of bloggers, including me, to provide occasional reports. The channel name comes from the address of the elegant terrace house in London where the channel has its tiny studio and offices.

For the first night everybody was on their best behaviour, all the men seemed to be in dark suits and ties looking straight-laced and there were the odd technical hitches. The first programme seemed a bit worthy.

    What will drive the channel is having content that people want to see and hear. This can be news, gossip or stimulating discussions but it has to be compelling to watch.

I was a touch disappointed when in the first discussion those assembled were asked if they had seen on a blog that had attracted their attention. The opening response was someone quoting from the Washington Post.

Tonight, based on the first couple of hours, was about getting the station on the air and was a bit content-lite. But that should get better with time. Both Montgonerie and Dale have a good nose for news and that should drive it.

    All the best Tim and Iain – from Politicalbetting. Let’s hope this venture succeeds.

Mike Smithson

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