….and the “Hug-a-Hoodie” prize competition winner is for…

….and the “Hug-a-Hoodie” prize competition winner is for…

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In July we launched a competition on what Cameron would do in his speech to follow “hug a hoodie”. We asked what’s going to be next? Clearly it had to be something that was so distant from what you would expect to hear from a Tory leader that it will, at first, appear totally shocking.

We’ve had three or four entrants making claims but I’ve decided to award the prize to David Herdson. His entry posted on July 23rrd was:- “”There won’t be a big policy announcement at all, any more than hug a hoodie was a policy announcement (more a repositioning on social inclusion). In the same vein, there will be a highly publicised section on the NHS in which he praises Bevan and decries New Labour for abandoning its founding principles” (post 54).

I think that gets reasonably close. David will receive the prize, a copy of my book on Politics and Betting, as soon as it is published sometime next year.

Well done David.

Mike Smithson

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