PBC – now the UK’s most read political website

PBC – now the UK’s most read political website

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New data from Alexa – the Amazon.com subsidiary that monitors Internet traffic shows that in the third quarter of the year that ended at the weekend only two UK political sites were in the top 100,000 websites of all kinds in the entire world.

One was Guido which is in position 78,062 and the other is Politicalbetting.com that’s rated at 98.904. The difference between the two sites is that while Guido attracts upto four times as many visitors each day Politicalbetting has eight times more page views.

    So while Guido is more popular we think that we can claim to be the UK’s most read political site.

Behind PBC in the popularity stakes is Ian Dale with an Alexa rating of 115,355; EPolitix at 168,782 and Conservativehome on 171,724. The new Labourhome is still establishing itself and is in 471,994th place.

Of the official sites the Labour party has an Alexa rating of 128,479 with the Conservatives at 144,021 and the Lib Dems on 194,335.

Over the past week PBC’s ranking has moved to 58,430. Thanks to everybody for supporting the site and taking part in our daily conversations.

Mike Smithson

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